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GoogleCTF 2022: Postviewer

18 Jul 2022

Hey! It’s time for the annual blog post. I played GoogleCTF with DiceGang.

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picoCTF 2021: Bithug

17 Apr 2021

This is a writeup for Bithug, a picoCTF 2021 challenge I completed with aplet123. We—that is, aplet123 and I—wrote this writeup together and I have stolen it without permission.

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picoCTF 2021: X Marks The Spot

17 Apr 2021

This is a writeup for X Marks the Spot, a challenge from picoCTF 2021. The challenge itself was not educational or anything, and this post is merely a cathartic exercise. There’s some stuff I have to get off my chest.

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TJCTF 2020: Home Rolled

14 Jul 2020

This is a writeup for Home Rolled, a challenge from TJCTF 2020. This challenge wasn’t particularly difficult and this writeup is already published here, but I need to:

  1. Pad out this blog
  2. Test stuff with syntax highlighting
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